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[villegas@math.gatech.edu: Re: [Fedora-legacy-list] DRAFT for Press Release 1.3]

Draft revision 1.5 (and I propose final, or we'll never finish this...)

Removed specific version numbers from it.

 ______________________ start of DRAFT _____________________________
 Press Release DRAFT:
 The Fedora Legacy Team, made out of volunteers.
 The Fedora Legacy Project is an ongoing effort led and maintained by
 volunteers, which aims to provide security and critical bug fix errata
 for older versions of Red Hat Linux (RHL) and Fedora Core (FC) releases,
 after their official End of Life. This allows a longer effective
 life for those releases, and is closer to the lifecycle that most IT
 departments hope to get out of a Server Oriented Operating System.
 The project is still gathering volunteers and resources, as well as
 drafting policies and security requirements. Other press
 releases will be published as the project progresses. With current
 resources and volunteers it seems possible to start providing
 errata starting the First (1st) of January 2004 for some RHL
 versions, just as these releases reach their End of Life by Red Hat Inc.
 Groups of maintainers will produce the errata for their packages;
 these errata will undergo some classification and QA before being
 released. Digital signatures will ensure the integrity of the
 Errata will only be created to fix security problems as well as
 serious bugs; no new features or packages will be introduced on the
 Errata, unless they are required for the future management of errata on 
 that release.
 Information on the project is currently available from the following
 1. http://www.fedora.us/wiki/FedoraLegacy
 2. fedora-legacy-list Mailing list, for subscriptions and archive:
 Now. Feel free to join in.
 Fedora Legacy is an independent entity and not officially sanctioned
 by Red Hat, Inc.
 ________________________ end of DRAFT _______________________


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