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Re: [villegas@math.gatech.edu: Re: [Fedora-legacy-list] DRAFT for Press Release 1.3]

On Friday 07 November 2003 07:14 am, Carlos Villegas wrote:

>  Press Release DRAFT:
>  Who:
>  The Fedora Legacy Team, made out of volunteers.
>  What:
>  The Fedora Legacy Project is an ongoing effort led and maintained by
>  volunteers, which aims to provide security and critical bug fix

...<balance snipped>...

May I suggest that a press release in this form cannot be published 
without being completely rewritten.  Most publications (in my 
experience) like to do as little rewriting as possible.

My belief is that most publications will trash this release as requiring 
too much work to prepare for publication.

I highly recommend rewording to something similar to:

"The Fedora Legacy Project has announced they will continue to maintain 
legacy releases of Red Hat Linux for several major platforms as Red Hat 
ends official support for them during the next six months.  Complete 
information is available at their website, 

That includes the "Who, what, why, where, and when" in the first 
paragraph, exactly as publications hope and expect to get them.

Definitely include a section for each, further down in the press 
release, but also in a format that can be used verbatim for an end-user 

And to avoid incomplete information from being printed anywhere, the 
release should most likely be written in such a way that it can be 
ended at the end of any paragraph without appearing to have left 
something out.

I'd both hope and expect that Jesse's company's PR firm will do the 
reformatting, but I could offer to do it once everything is finalized.

Jeff Lasman, nobaloney.net, P. O. Box 52672, Riverside, CA  92517 US
Professional Internet Services & Support / Consulting / Colocation
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