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Re: Suggestion for a new Download page

Quoting Jonas Pasche <mail jonaspasche de>:

> Can you check back on the site after Eric has made updates? What do you

More updates done (to docs and faq) on the web site.

> I see a small problems for unexperienced users when they find
> documentation for yum _and_ apt for their distribution because they
> don't know either of it and thus cannot simply make a decision which one
> they want to use.

Added an faq for this based on your text below.

> user communities. I'm thinking about a sentence like "If you don't know
> anything about these tools, we suggest you to try yum first, as it comes
> with fewer options and fewer complexity than apt. You can always choose
> between both tools, even later, if you want to try apt instead."

Used that as the basis of the faq.

> Okay, I don't have a problem to have link to yum or apt on the Download
> page, as long as there is a strong note that installing yum or apt alone
> _does not provide any updates_. It only installs a package manager,
> nothing else, just like paying for a gym membership doesn't make your
> body slim. :)

Someone else will need to work on that page, or it will have to wait.

> > a) What is fedora-legacy?

Added, though all it does is provide links which are already available in
the menu bar at the left.

> > b) What are these yum and apt things?
> > c) How do I get started?

I think those two should be combined.  If someone writes up a good
"what are these yum and apt things" I'll put it in the "Getting started..."

> > d) What else is there to know?

Beats me.  No idea what would go here.

> > e) How do I participate?

Already there.

Eric Rostetter

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