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Re: GPG fingerprint for verification

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Jesse Keating wrote:
> In a bugzilla entry it was requested that I post the Fedora Legacy 
> finger print.  Here it be.
> pub  1024D/731002FA 2004-01-19 Fedora Legacy 
> (http://www.fedoralegacy.org) <secnotice fedoralegacy org>
>      Key fingerprint = D66D 121F 9784 5E7B 2757  8C46 108C 4512 7310 02FA
> sub  2048g/D12E351D 2004-01-19

Cool.  Thanks Jesse!

> The GPG key that is on our website is alone w/out any signatures.
> This is what we use to sign packages as there is a bug with RPM when
> you use a key that has signatures on it.

No shit?  I've never run into that one.  I sign all the packages I
build for my own systems and have never run into this.  I'm mostly
using 7.3 now, though I've done this on each redhat version since
around 6.0.  I've got less testing time with 8.0 or 9, but I have
built and checked rpm's on both those versions using keys with
multiple signatures on them.

Anyone have a pointer to where I can learn more about this rpm bug?

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