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Re: Legacy mirror structure

Jesse Keating wrote :

> > I think the solution I like most is :
> >
> > [...]/SRPMS/repodata/
> > [...]/SRPMS/*.rpm
> > [...]/$basearch/repodata/
> > [...]/$basearch/*.rpm
> I think you're missing a few directories there.  Try this:
> [...]/SRPMS/repodata
> [...]/SRPMS/base/*.rpm
> [...]/SRPMS/updates-testing/*.rpm
> [...]/SRPMS/updates/*.rpm
> [...]/i386/repodata
> [...]/i386/base/*.rpm
> [...]/i386/updates-testing/*.rpm
> [...]/i386/updates/*.rpm
> I'm making an assumption here that the repo data can be ran at a higher 
> level than yum-arch can, and hold info about different repo subdirs.

Aha! So I guess the major question left is :

- arch then module, e.g. redhat/7.3/i386/updates/
  - or -
- module then arch, e.g. redhat/7.3/updates/i386/

You seem to prefer the former, while the latter is the one closest to what
Red Hat has been using for RHL and FC. Oh, and in the above, "base" should
probably be avoided to not be confused with apt's special directory. The
other suggestions I have (what I've been using) for it would be "os" or

I guess I just truncated my final suggestion too much, here would be a
longer example :


etc. with testing-updates and legacy-addons.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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