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Re: When to bump the build?

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:15:00 -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:

> A recent problem found in the 8.0 build of tcpdump shows that 
> autoconf213 is needed to complete the build correctly.  Because of 
> this, we need to modify the current candidate for publish in bugzilla.  
> Since we will be modifying it, should we bump the build ID up one more 
> on the package?  I think yes, as it shows clearly a newer package 
> within the ticket.  I'm pretty sure that RH goes through a few bumps 
> internally, as there can be a jump in the number from update to update.
> Thoughts?

Don't micro-moderate the package preparation process. Bumping the
%release number during package reviews only adds convenience for the
reviewers and can avoid confusion. Everyone else doesn't care. Bumping
the %release prior to publishing an updated package only creates the
need to add another separate spec changelog entry for every minor
modification instead of squeezing all package changes into a single new
changelog entry compared with the previously publicly released package
revision. Bump the %release only after something has been published in
either updates or updates-testing, so a sane upgrade path is guaranteed.
Else it simply does not matter. Except if there are so many changes
applied to a package, that small incremental steps (i.e. many package
revisions) help in understanding the development of a package while it's
in the QA queue. 


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