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Re: When to bump the build?

seth vidal wrote:
On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 20:22, Warren Togami wrote:

Jesse Keating wrote:

A recent problem found in the 8.0 build of tcpdump shows that autoconf213 is needed to complete the build correctly. Because of this, we need to modify the current candidate for publish in bugzilla. Since we will be modifying it, should we bump the build ID up one more on the package? I think yes, as it shows clearly a newer package within the ticket. I'm pretty sure that RH goes through a few bumps internally, as there can be a jump in the number from update to update.


RH's policy is ANY PACKAGE THAT LEAVES YOUR LOCAL SYSTEM must always bump the release number.

rh has a policy now?? Wow - can any of the rest of us mere mortals get a
copy of it?

or is this like the rest of the policies I've heard of? There are as
many policies as there are packagers?

Well, it seems to be enforced by script that prepares package for their build system, so it is well understood.


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