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Re: yum and rpm updates for 8.0

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Jesse Keating wrote:
> 8.0's yum hasn't been rebuilt yet.  The old 8.0 yum pointed to
> fedora.us, and this isn't exactly valid anymore.  Once it gets
> rebuilt with the Legacy key and the proper config directory, it'll
> be placed in download.fedoralegacy.org.  This should happen tonight.


> As to the rpm update, that is still in bugzilla I think, as it
> caused breakage on a few other packages (I thought).

Is that in the general fedora.us bugzilla?  I didn't see anything
about it at https://bugzilla.fedora.us/buglist.cgi?keywords=LEGACY and
a quick query of the full buglist didn't spit out anything obvious
about rpm-4.1.1.

> I'm still not willing to make that an update, more of just a util.

Isn't rpm>= 4.1.1 required for yum 2?  Or is legacy going to use yum
1.0.3 like 7x does?  The fedora.us packages are of yum-2.0.3, so I
just assumed that was what you'd be rebuilding.

> fedora.us has 
> http://download.fedora.us/fedora/redhat/8.0/i386/RPMS.legacy/
> some content in there still though.

Yeah, I've seen those.  I was looking to do a clean 8.0 install and
only use legacy packages to test with.  I'll wait to see when yum gets
built and posted and check it out then.

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