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Re: -testing timeout

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Jesse Keating wrote:
> So we've got ethereal in -testing, and it's been there since the
> 22'nd, but nobody has touched it (except for Jonny on 7.3 according
> to an un-signed bugzilla message).
> I think that we should have a -testing timeout and if nobody reports
> on it after a week, it gets pushed out as an update, due to all the
> verification that happened to get it into the published state.
> Given this policy, ethereal would be a candidate for release today
> (well day before yesterday but who's counting).  If nobody objects
> to this policy, I'll push ethereal out today.

I was just going to run some tests on 7.2, 7.3, and 8.0 today and/or
tomorrow.  That's the only other package in -testing, AFAIK, right?

One thing I'd be wary of with pushing an update from testing just
based on a timeout is how we'd know if anyone had bothered using it.
I don't make use of ethereal on a regular basis, so just because I've
updated my systems against updates-testing doesn't mean I've even
picked up ethereal, let alone tested it at all.

I'd feel more comfortable knowing that the legacy project actually
tested things before pushing them out.  Not doing so could come back
and bite us in the ass when some package breaks something that should
have been caught in testing.  I know what you're saying about the
prior testing that goes into getting it to testing.  Maybe that is
enough.  If we end up pushing out updates without any verification in
production, we'll have to hope that it is.

Just to keep fresh on what else remains to be done, there's slocate
which still hasn't made it there yet, it needs more PUBLISH votes I

What other security fixes are there?  Gaim is still up in the air as
far as whether the 0.59 version is affect, correct?  Anyone on the
Gaim lists or in the know about the answer to that?

The other things I see in bugzilla are either bugfixes (mc, rpm2html)
or things for legacy-utils (apt, synaptic, fedora-rpmdevtools).

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