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Re: getting yum on redhat 8.0

Quoting Wade Maxfield <maxfield one ctelcom net>:

  I got a round tuit and went to the fedora legacy pages.  There are great
tutorials on YUM for 7.3 and 7.2, but not for 8.0.

Because FL has not yet released a yum for 8.0. I have no idea why. I wish they would.

The instructions for
installing the apt using rpm don't work exactly as stated.

Because there is no released apt for 8.0 from FL yet, though one has been in development for a while now.

  I would like to offer these snippets for someone to put into a "yum for
redhat 8.0" page very similar to the ones for 7.2/7.3

I don't really want to do this unless someone tells me there will never be a FL yum for 8.0. Otherwise I'd rather wait for the FL yum.

If there is no plan for a FL yum for 8.0, then I will add info on how
to get a non-FL version.

 Yum for Redhat 8.0 can be obtained from freshrpms.net. It is the rpm:

I'd hate to have FL tell how to install non-FL software, and would hate the wars that come with it (don't use the freshrpms.net version, instead use the xxx.yyy version which is better for some reason).

If you want to put any of this up on the FL wiki, I won't stop you (and
may even help improve it).  But I don't think it is appropriate for the
web site, IMHO.

Eric Rostetter

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