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Re: packages needing QA and how to QA

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On Wednesday 05 May 2004 07:52, seth vidal wrote:
> That's the point of the initial QA. So they can get to updates-testing.
> if everything looks ok - they go to updates-testing, then it's more or
> less a countdown before they get pushed, unless there is a problem.
> I think that's how it works.
> Jesse, can you clarify that?

Pretty close.  In bugzilla, they get QA for patch cleanliness, spec 
cleanliness, building clean, etc...  If all those pass, then it should be 
pushed to updates-testing, where people begin to test the binary side of 
the package, whether it installs, functions, doesn't break other things, 
fixes exploit (if one available), etc... all those type of things.  (note, 
this can be done during first QA stage as well).  If multiple people voice 
that it works at this stage, or enough time goes by and there seems to be 
no interest in testing the package, it'll be pushed into full updates and 
a release announcement will be sent.

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