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Re: Please Use the Mirrors!

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 15:37, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Bandwith is very precious on the master download.fedoralegacy.org server 
> as we are transitioning to the new server.  People have been using 
> download exclusively had effectively DDoSing the system so that all 
> other services drop off.  I'm asking once more to please use one of the 
> mirrors until we get things sorted out.  Thanks.

Perhaps something on the index page of download.fedoralegacy.org that
says "Please use the mirrors" and give some links to them.  Right now
there is no indication that you do not want folks to use the site.

Also on fedoralegacy.org/download/  change the link under "Manually
downloading specific packages" to point to the mirrors page rather than

Seems to me that rsync would help people create local repositories for
their company's use.  Even if they have only 3 or four machines, it has
to be made easy for them to create the repo.  I can't remember the
issue, but several months ago I tried to use mirror to create the tree
so I could aptify my local tree but could not get it to work (and no, I
do not do recursive listings).  I can try again if you like.

I don't have the bandwidth to be a true mirror site but I could save
some band width for you with local mirrored trees.  This is going to be
much more of an issue now that RHL 9 is there too.


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