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Re: Please Use the Mirrors!

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 03:55:27PM -0400, Carlos Villegas wrote:
> Along the same lines, there is a "default yum.conf" file in the
> download section, which has no mirrors in it, it should probably
> have all the mirrors, also I think that file should be automatically
> generated with php to contain all the mirrors, in some random
> order, and a comment both in the config file and in the web page
> asking people to organize the mirrors as appropiate, I'd also
> force gpg checks in the default config file. Let me know (off
> list) if you need help writting that php.

Better yet, have yum support redirects (I don't know if it doesn't
already) and have the yum.conf point to a dynamic webpage that redirects
to a local mirror for the client (using the cpan module for country
location, or something of the like).

The same could be said for the download webpage.

In extremis, deny completely download from the master server from normal
clients. (Some other projects do that, I don't see any problem with the
project adopting the same policy.)

Luciano Rocha

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