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Re: Please Use the Mirrors!

On Thursday 06 May 2004 12:33, Bret Hughes wrote:
> Perhaps something on the index page of download.fedoralegacy.org that
> says "Please use the mirrors" and give some links to them.  Right now
> there is no indication that you do not want folks to use the site.
> Also on fedoralegacy.org/download/  change the link under "Manually
> downloading specific packages" to point to the mirrors page rather
> than download.fedoralegacy.org.
> Seems to me that rsync would help people create local repositories
> for their company's use.  Even if they have only 3 or four machines,
> it has to be made easy for them to create the repo.  I can't remember
> the issue, but several months ago I tried to use mirror to create the
> tree so I could aptify my local tree but could not get it to work
> (and no, I do not do recursive listings).  I can try again if you
> like.
> I don't have the bandwidth to be a true mirror site but I could save
> some band width for you with local mirrored trees.  This is going to
> be much more of an issue now that RHL 9 is there too.

This is now much less of an issue.  The issue was never intended to last 
this long, however it did.  Now we're with a new host on new hardware 
and things should just work fine.

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