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Re: Please Use the Mirrors!

Quoting Carlos Villegas <villegas math gatech edu>:

Along the same lines, there is a "default yum.conf" file in the

It isn't a "default" so much as reference for those who use a non-FL version of yum.

download section, which has no mirrors in it, it should probably
have all the mirrors, also I think that file should be automatically
generated with php to contain all the mirrors, in some random
order, and a comment both in the config file and in the web page
asking people to organize the mirrors as appropiate, I'd also

At first this sounded like a great idea. But after I think about this a minute, I come up with two problems.

1) This will take up a lot of real estate on the web page as the list of
   mirrors is not small.  This increased size will not only stop people
   from want to read the page, but potentially cause more confusion, cut/paste
   errors, etc.
2) It makes it more complex, and if they have to depend on that page for
   help they are not likely to really know enough to handle editing the
   file, etc.

force gpg checks in the default config file. Let me know (off
list) if you need help writting that php.

I thought this was on in the FL config by default, no? If they use another version of yum or apt, that is their problem to figure out.


Eric Rostetter

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