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Re: yum and redhat 8.0

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From: "Eric Rostetter" <rostetter mail utexas edu>
To: <fedora-legacy-list redhat com>
Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 10:31 AM
Subject: Re: yum and redhat 8.0

> Quoting Raphael Clifford <raphael clifford net>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I notice that there are no docs for yum and redhat 8.0.
> I'd been putting off docs for apt/yum packages that don't exist yet in
> Fedora Legacy, but since there has been so little progress getting apt/yum
> out for these platforms, I'll go ahead and put up some docs using
> versions.  When FL comes out with a version, I'll update the docs to use
> the FL version.
> Comments, fixes, etc. appreciated.
> --
> Eric Rostetter

Hi Eric and Everyone,

Ok, I may be a little slow here....perhaps you could save me a great deal of
grief.  I finally was able to get YUM 1.x installed on my RH8 clean
installed server and have been working on getting 2.x installed (latest
current off freshrpms.net) but keep failing a dependency check for rpm 4.1.1
and rpm-python 4.1.1.  Searching for these keeps me looping in circles.
Should I assume that RH8 and YUM 2.x are not ready for prime time?  Should I
perhaps consider moving to RH9 and doing my build there?

Your advice will be taken to heart!

Thanks all!


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