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Re: yum/apt-get

Are there any arguments for which of these to chose?
As I understand it, yum has been chosen as 'the official'
up2date-replacement for Fedora Legacy (and Fedora Core), is that
Are the yum and apt repositories updated at the same time, or is one the
'master' so the other might lag behind?

Personally, I like apt better for its speed but I feel that I don't
really know if yum has any technical advantages.

Could anybody shed any light on this?

This has been discussed quite a lot with people defending their own choice quite strongly..

I would say use which ever one you are comfortable with.. Personally I use YUM because I found it simple to use and it did what I needed, so I have never tried APT..

Youe question is like many in the Linux and OSS world.. similar examples are "Should I use Gnome or KDE?", "Which Distro is best?" or "Should I use Netscape, Mozilla or Konqueror?".. These all have the same answer, which ever you prefer..


As I don't feel strongly about this at all I will attempt to put in my 1/2 cent worth...

From a completely practical point of view of the end user you will notice two main differences between yum and apt-get.

1) Yum has very few options. Look at the man page to see what I mean. The only documented (and non-deprecated) yum commands on my system are "install, update, check-update, list, info, provides, search, clean" plus mostly debugging flags.
2) Yum is very slow for any sizeable update and even downloading headers can take a long time (over an hour in some cases) if you haven't done it for a while.

If all you want to do is get the latest updates every now and then it makes very little practical difference which one you use apart from the speed issue (which doesn't bother too many people in reality) and any bugs which there might be in one or the other. If you want to do fancier things then apt-get is the way you have to go currently.

I hope that helps. Of course, if you simply *prefer* one to the other for some random aesthetic reason that is fine too :)

P.S. I use yum.

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