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Re: RH9 user - what should I do?

On Thu, 13 May 2004 21:19:46 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote
> On Thu, 13 May 2004 13:59:02 -0500, Mike Vanecek wrote:
> > I took a look at 
> > 
> > http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/9/i386/yum/stable/RPMS/.
> > 
> > Were those packages created for RH 9 or for Fedora XX? I thought all the
> > fedora stuff was to support the fedora core? However, the numbering on the
> > packages could lead one to think that they are created for RH 9.
> *Please* take a look at the main page of http://fedora.us and what 
> it says near the top. http://fedora.us was using the name "fedora" _before_
> the Fedora Project. It started as "Fedora Linux" an add-ons project
> for Red Hat Linux. http://www.fedora.us/fedora-merge.html

What confused me was at http://www.fedora.us/wiki/FedoraHOWTO where it says,

"Warning: fedora.us packages are designed and tested to work smoothly with
only Red Hat Linux, *Fedora Core* and other fedora.us packages. Please read
RepositoryMixingProblems to understand the compatibility problems of mixing

I missed the Red Hat Linux part. However, for those that might be following
this thread and a new to fedora, if one goes to the channels page,
http://www.fedora.us/wiki/FedoraChannels, one finds the fedora.us for Red Hat
Linux 8.0 and 9 channel table. It may be of use to add a link to those tables
on the fedoralegacy pages.

> Let's take a closer look at your URL from above (I think there's
> a table somewhere explaining the structure, too):


	Channel Name 	Description
Base Distribution 	os 	packages from the original distribution
updates 	        updates from Red Hat + updates from FedoraLegacy
updates-testing 	updates from FedoraLegacy currently in testing before publication
Extras (add-ons) 	stable 	add-ons believed to be stable and wont interfere
with other software
testing 	        add-ons with known defects or otherwise unproven
unstable 	        add-ons with severe known defects or that may interfere with
other software
Legacy (add-ons) 	legacy 	minimal support tools for Legacy servers

>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/9/i386/yum/stable/RPMS/.
>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/
>     => this is a server mirroring several other serves
>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/
>     => this is a mirror of http://download.fedora.us
>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/
>     => this second "fedora" directory has nothing to do with "Fedora 
> Core"    => it is just a top directory at the master site
>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/
>     => this is the root directory of the add-ons for Red Hat Linux
>   The root directory of the add-ons for Fedora Core would be:
>     http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/fedora/
>   http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/9/
>     => this is the root of the add-ons for Red Hat Linux 9

OK, I see how it fits together

http://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora.us/fedora/redhat/9/i386/ gets us to

 RPMS.os/                    01-Apr-2003 10:55    -   
 RPMS.stable/                11-May-2004 12:33    -   
 RPMS.testing/               08-May-2004 02:19    -   
 RPMS.unstable/              02-Jan-2004 01:49    -   
 RPMS.updates-testing/       03-May-2004 15:27    -   

> In it you find
>  RPMS.os                 : Red Hat Linux 9
>  RPMS.updates            : Red Hat Linux 9 Errata 
>                             + Fedora Legacy Updates for Red Hat 
> Linux 9
>  RPMS.updates-testing    : -not used with Red Hat Linux -
>  RPMS.stable             : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9
>  RPMS.testing            : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9
>  RPMS.unstable           : Extras for Red Hat Linux 9
> and the same for source rpms.

Your explanation is much clearer than the table alone.

Then that must mean that


 os/                              01-Apr-2003 02:10    -   
 stable/                          12-May-2004 08:53    -   
 testing/                         12-May-2004 08:53    -   
 unstable/                        12-May-2004 08:53    -   
 updates/                         05-May-2004 03:01    -   

is the same thing, but in yum format.

> > In any event, I think I will leave them out for a while until I get a little
> > better feel for fedora-legacy. I noticed that the rpms for chkrootkit and
> > leafnode are not current. I suspect that will probably be the case for the
> > extras I have installed for original sources.
> leafnode : 1.9.53 is in the publish queue
> chkrootkit : 0.43 is latest release

My mistake on chkrootkit. Somehow I have release 1 instead of 0 installed on
my system. I do not remember what or why. Maybe something discussed on the
chkrootkit mailing list.

Leafnode 1.9.54.rc2 is already out. The version may change before it gets out
of the publish queue.

Thank you for your patience and very useful comments.

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