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Re: Quetion about legacy support for FC1

Once upon a time Friday 14 May 2004 4:13 pm, seth vidal wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 09:04 +0300, Ivan Pesin wrote:
> > Jesse Keating wrote:
> > > Yes, and yes.  I'm going to try to work with Red Hat and perhaps issue
> > > one last yum update for FC1 before it gets EOLed that will contain
> > > config files that point to Fedora Legacy servers.  Not sure how well
> > > they will take to this idea, I haven't floated it by them yet.
> >
> > I think it is really good idea!
> I think, unless people have not modified their yum.conf at all, it won't
> work.
> yum.conf is marked config(noreplace) last time I checked.
> so a new yum will just create a yum.rpmnew
> -sv
  I also think its bad i dont use yum directly much  but i do use up2date  
which would need an update as well.  but the first thing i do is point 
up2date sources to the closest mirror. so if you do get an update for yum 
aand up2date  and you get it to overide my settings ill be mad.  what would 
be nice is a script to add to apt, yum and up2date the neccesary repositories  
for fedoralegacy.  with options to setup to the closest mirror.  

Which brings me to something ive been thinking about for awhile  a dns system 
for mirrors  setup master mirror  and have mirrors mirror from there  or just 
go from cuurent master sites  but get them to be consitent with what they 
mirror where  i have a domain for it  fedoramirror.net  im in Australia  so i 
could go with a tree like this  

server  au.fedoramirror.net

something like that  say theres a mirror in boston  we could provide dns of 

that way users would be able to use a consistent naming scheme 
mirrors could leave off addons  or parts of addons  or extras or legacy  as 
they wanted  but prefferablly  they would have all the rpms  and maybe srpms.

well its an idea


p.s  ill have to propose this in a few other places as well  but please email 
me your ideas.  

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