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Re: yum for RHL9

On Sun, 16 May 2004 12:14:27 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote
> Hash: SHA1
> Please QA my yum package for RHL9
> https://bugzilla.fedora.us/show_bug.cgi?id=1604

Done. Found no errors with basic testing. However, since my system was
current, no updates were installed.


When loading headers, it would be nice if the width of the field for the
header name were just a bit longer so that the package name is not trucated.

XFree86-ISO8859-2-75dpi-f 100% |=========================|  65 kB    00:00

Wish that list were sorted as well ... piped it to sort, but that eliminates
the need for the completion info =====.

Man yum -- does not show the search command even though it is listed in the
detailed discussion.

       yum  is  an interactive, automated update program which can be used for
       maintaining systems using rpm
       command is one of:
        * install package1 [package2] [...]
        * update [package1] [package2] [...]
        * check-update
        * upgrade [package1] [package2] [...] *deprecated* this command may be
       removed in the future.
        * remove [package1] [package2] [...]
        * list [...]
        * info [...]
        * provides [...]
        * clean [ packages | headers | oldheaders | all ]
        * groupinstall [...]
        * groupupdate [...]
        * grouplist [...]

I also do not run with kernel excluded.

Anything specific you would like me to test?

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