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Re: Good bye, Fedora Legacy!

Sorry to see Michael go..

Quoting Howard Owen <hbo egbok com>:

> By the way, I have a postgresql schema and a bunch of Perl that help me
> track problems and fixes in 7.3. It could be easily extended to cover
> other distributions. It would need to be altered to fit whatever process
> the project comes up with. But it would enable ad-hoc query of status at
> various stages.

I stopped relying on Fedora Legacy project a long time ago as it was a hobbyist
project that didnt seem to have a clue about Security.

I remembered a guy called Dag who had worked for a company we acquired in
Belgium when I headed up VA Linux technical services in Europe, pre me starting
Smoothwall (so please I do have a clue). He has been doing exactly what Fedora
Legacy does - on his own - without support - far quicker - far more efficiently
and far far more succintly than Fedora Legacy has been.

This includes support for all major versions of RH. In fact he's the reason I
haven't ditched 69 RH servers and gone to Debian.

More info ??

Get yourself down to http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/ and

Richard Morrell

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