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Re: Good bye, Fedora Legacy!

mailarchive webbedmail com wrote:
Sorry to see Michael go..

Quoting Howard Owen <hbo egbok com>:

By the way, I have a postgresql schema and a bunch of Perl that help me
track problems and fixes in 7.3. It could be easily extended to cover
other distributions. It would need to be altered to fit whatever process
the project comes up with. But it would enable ad-hoc query of status at
various stages.

I stopped relying on Fedora Legacy project a long time ago as it was a hobbyist
project that didnt seem to have a clue about Security.

I remembered a guy called Dag who had worked for a company we acquired in
Belgium when I headed up VA Linux technical services in Europe, pre me starting
Smoothwall (so please I do have a clue). He has been doing exactly what Fedora
Legacy does - on his own - without support - far quicker - far more efficiently
and far far more succintly than Fedora Legacy has been.

This includes support for all major versions of RH. In fact he's the reason I
haven't ditched 69 RH servers and gone to Debian.

Well Dag dose not provide security uppdates for old RH relases like RH 9 I asked him about that and he pointed me to Fedora Legacy.

More info ??

Get yourself down to http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/ and

Richard Morrell

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