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Re: redhat 8.0 support

Raphael Clifford wrote:

I would be very sad to see Redhat 8.0 support go. I am not sure my vote counts for much but I am responsible for a few redhat 8.0 sytems that are not in the same town as me so it would be tricky/dangerous for me to upgrade the whole distribution currently I feel. If Legacy suport went I would be almost entirely relying on whatever dag produces and he does not officially do security updates as far as I can tell... although that is often the effect of his upgraded packages.

As I can only dedicate about an hour a week to looking after these machines your work is invaluable to me.

Maybe for RedHat 8.0 should be left to volunteers (call it 8.0 Legancy 2)
I use *old* versions 9 and 7.3 for servers
Upgrade from 8.0 -> 9.0 is painless and you could choose what packages need to be left untouched (mysql,apache...)

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