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Re: State of 7.2/8.0 in Fedora Legacy

Quoting Stuart Low <stuart serverpeak com>:

As for RH8.. :) Why anyone would run it is beyond me and upgrading to
RH9 is painless too (even remotely). :)

I run it on a server. I had a need for the functionality in it that wasn't available in RHL 7.x, and RHL 9 wasn't out yet, and RH had not yet revealed their EOL scheme. Because I can't take it down in the school year, I've been stuck with it. Now that the school year is coming to a close, I can think about moving it to RH 9 finally.

If RH had provided an upgrade (rather than migration) to RHEL I'd do it.
It is the fact that you need to do a fresh install to move to RHEL that
really makes a lot of us stay with RHL instead.  Our upgrade windows can
be too small, our pool of additional test hardware to limited, and the
servers too customized over time, to make a re-install from scratch

Besides, it is stable, and I've heard a lot of complaints about RHEL 3.0
not being stable on this particular machine model.  I don't think I'll
have any problems moving to RHL 9 on it though, and will try to do so
sometime this summer (probably sometime in the next 3 weeks).  This will
be even more pressing if FL drops RHL 8.0 support.


-- Eric Rostetter

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