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Re: fedora-legacy-list Digest, Vol 3, Issue 24

I have five servers running RedHat 7.3 and two running RedHat 9. I also have a three desktop machines running FC1.

I think that the Fedora Legacy project should support 7.3 and 9.0 before worrying about FC1.

Even though it would be nice to not have to upgrade the FC1 machines until FC2 has been around for a while (and through several rounds of bug fixes), they are, after all, not servers.

Even through it has been solid for me on the desktop, when it came out FC1 was billed as an unstable release. I suspect that for the most part people have not installed it on servers.

Jesse Keating wrote:

>So again, I broach the subject of removing these releases from official
>Fedora Legacy supported releases.  We will still be supporting the
>overwhelming majority of users and it is the best use of the limited
>resources of the Fedora Legacy project.
>Please provide your (relevant) feedback.  Thanks.

Jonathan Crowe
System Administrator
for Sage Systems, Inc.
425-451-2484  x 3025

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