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Self-Introduction: Marc Deslauriers

Hi all.

1- Marc Deslauriers

2- Québec, Canada

3- Computer Security Consultant

4- Informatique Stratégique IS

5- I am interested in creating packages with security fixes for mostly
RH9 and FC1 (in the future). I may also be interested in making packages
for RH7.3.

I think Fedora Legacy is great and am using packages from it to upgrade
some of our customers servers. I've decided to volunteer my help as
there seems to be a need for a few more people.

6- As far as projects I've been involved in, I have submitted a few
patches here and there. I have been making custom packages for our
customers for the past six years.

I can program in C/C++, Perl, PHP, shell scripting, etc.
I have working knowledge of security related patches and rpm packaging.

7- pub  1024D/40B8CCDA 2004-04-28 Marc Deslauriers
<marcdeslauriers videotron ca>
Key fingerprint = FE27 D137 99A5 EE00 C34E 8B4C 2CC0 2CFF 40B8 CCDA
sub  1024g/2036F883 2004-04-28

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