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Re: fedora-legacy-list Digest, Vol 3, Issue 24

There's no doubt that this was deliberate on the part of Red Hat. But not 
everyone is jumping ship. The last I looked, Red Hat's subscriptions are 
way up, and their renewal rate is between 80%-90%.

Also, while the instability and disavowal of support do scare off 
business use of Fedora Core, the willingness to accept the latest changes 
in existing packages, and to try new stuff is appealing to the geeks among 
us. This is a core (heh) constituency that Red Hat needs to keep on board 
to ensure their enterprise offering stays at a high level of quality and 
relevance. This also seems to be working.

On Thu, 20 May 2004, Kelson Vibber wrote:

> At 03:23 PM 5/20/2004, Marc Deslauriers wrote:
> >Unstable release?
> >
> >I know a _bunch_ of people running FC1 on servers depending on FL to get
> >patches out when RH stops.
> Blame Red Hat marketing.  I think they're deathly afraid people will keep 
> using Fedora Core the same way they were using the free RHL.  Hence, the 
> warnings about FC stability, in hopes that people will move to RHEL 
> instead.  Of course, what's happened instead is a mass (or at least noisy) 
> exodus to SuSE and Debian, with a lot of people moving to Fedora Core 
> anyway and others moving to RHEL clones like cAos, Whitebox, etc.
> "It will eat your braaane!"
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