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Re: State of 7.2/8.0 in Fedora Legacy

Quoting Howard B Owen <howen cisco com>:

There are very economical commercial patch services for legacy systems.
If it's one server, five bucks a month (six month minimum) will get you
Progeny Transition Service support. (http://transition.progeny.com) If
you are planning to upgrade after the spring quarter, it sounds like all
you would need would be sixty bucks.

* Economical is in the eye of the beholder. * We have no idea how long Progeny et al will continue the support. * My spring quarter is over next week, so if I upgrade then, I sure don't want to buy 6 months of support for the no longer installed O/S

The point is, the more popular releases are more likely to be deployed
on a larger number of servers. Apart from the project resource issues,
concentrating on the releases with a greater installed base may provide
most of the value in places where money is tight.

Progeny et al may take the same attitude, and then the there would be no support left...

Eric Rostetter

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