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Re: How To Upgrade 7.1 to 7.3 via yum

Doug Koobs wrote:
Would this be of use to anyone?
I had written up a web page on how to upgrade Fermi Linux 7.1.1 to Fermi Linux 7.3.1 for our users when we were dropping 7.1.1. All it needed was for me

I think this would be useful for me. What would be the advantages of using
yum to go from 7.1 to 7.3, as opposed to using the upgrade option from the
7.3 install CD's?


There are three big area's where doing it via yum is useful.

1- Uptime. You're up and running the whole time. I've done this one several machines and the only downtime is the time it takes to reboot.

2- You are more in control. We have several users that are very cautious and wanted to do things one step at a time. You actually can do 'yum upgrade kernel' and it will just do the kernel along with all the rpm's needed to upgrade a kernel. You can also tell it no when it gives you the list of rpms.

3- It doesn't 'trample over everything' if there is a problem. I don't write up web pages unless it saves me time. I had too many sys admins comming to me after doing a update from the CD's, and we were having to go through each rpm, verifying them, finding what got changed. If an upgrade from the CD's goes good, it goes good. If it doesn't go good, your system has all sorts of odd things happen that you have to track down. Now I'm not garanteeing that the yum upgrades won't make things work different, and might have some problems, but I have found with my admin's, that the problems were less, and most of them they were able to find before the upgrade, cuz yum wouldn't let them do things.

Troy Dawson  dawson fnal gov  (630)840-6468
Fermilab  ComputingDivision/CSS  CSI Group

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