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RE: How To Upgrade 7.1 to 7.3 via yum

> There are three big area's where doing it via yum is useful.

Sounds like this is the way I want to go (after a good backup). You may want
to add a step to your how-to to edit the yum.conf file. When I followed your
instructions (yum was not installed), and tried to run step 4, this

[root fcsftp /root]# yum update yum
Gathering package information from servers
Getting headers from: Red Hat Linux 7.1 base
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/bin/yum", line 44, in ?
  File "yummain.py", line 144, in main
  File "clientStuff.py", line 688, in get_package_info_from_servers
  File "clientStuff.py", line 128, in HeaderInfoNevralLoad
ValueError: unpack list of wrong size

There is no 7.1 directory in http://download.fedoralegacy.org/redhat/, so I
changed /etc/yum.conf, and replaced all instances of $releasever with 7.3
and $basearch with i386, then I successfully ran "yum update yum".

I'm assuming that since I am upgrading to 7.3, this is correct. Please
verify. Thanks!!


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