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Re: RH 9 EOL Updates ISOs

I did something similar for RedHat 7.3 at its EOL. The frustrating thing (as a former RedHat mirror admin) is that RedHat doesn't really have a policy for removing superseded errata from the updates tree. Upon request, they've periodically purged the updates tree of old RPMs, but even RedHat 9 still has duplicate packages. Once they do that, it doesn't seem too difficult to produce an ISO (or two).

Is this something useful for FedoraLegacy to include in its distribution tree?


Mike Vanecek wrote:

I have been asking around and have just about come to the conclusion that it
don't exist. I would like to get CD(s) (or downloadable ISOs) containing all
RH 9 updates (SRPM and i386 RPM) up to the point of EOL. I'd like to avoid
having to download all the individual packages. With all the mirrors and
legacy work going around, I was hoping someone had already put together an
ISO. Does anyone know of a source?


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