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Re: 8.0 packages to QA

Quoting Marc Deslauriers <marcdeslauriers videotron ca>:

Since I would hate to see 8.0 support being dropped from FL, I
officially volunteer to make 8.0 packages.

Great. I would also hate to see it dropped. But, unfortunately, I am currently, as I type, upgrading my only RH 8.0 server to RH 9...

Who is going to show their support for 8.0 by volunteering to QA the
packages I've made?

I will try to test them, but unfortunately I can't do much. I'll hopefully soon no longer have a RH 8.0 server. I'll try to create a RH 8.0 test environment, but this will really only allow me to test that they install/run and not give them a proper usability test.

If no one shows up, I guess 8.0 is pretty much dead and can be dropped.

I think most people who still use RH 8.0 do so on a server environment. Most of them won't be able to test emacs/flim, xchat, or openoffice since these are typically not installed on a server. So don't expect much testing of these (though maybe you will get lucky). The apache and wu-ftpd packages should draw some interest!


-- Eric Rostetter

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