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Re: 8.0 packages to QA

> much dead and can be dropped.
> >
> > I think most people who still use RH 8.0 do so on a server environment.
> > Most of them won't be able to test emacs/flim, xchat, or openoffice
> since
> > these are typically not installed on a server.  So don't expect much
> > testing of these (though maybe you will get lucky).  The apache and
> > wu-ftpd packages should draw some interest!
> I second that. We run RH 8.0 on servers, so certainly no OO.org, 
> xchat, etc. is installed.
> But I can test out the other packages, like wu-ftpd and others!

And I'll third that too :) .. I can test/QA packages in a production 
environment, but even here that won't be for too much longer.

I only have two RH8 servers left (I've decommissioned 6 of them already), and 
am currently in the final stages migrating them to FC1. They've served us well 
for many years, but with the RH end of life and FL end of support looming, 
it's not really leaving us with too much choice but to move away from the 
older platforms altogether.


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