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Re: 8.0 packages to QA

On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 09:18, Jason Lim wrote:
> much dead and can be dropped.
> >
> > I think most people who still use RH 8.0 do so on a server environment.
> > Most of them won't be able to test emacs/flim, xchat, or openoffice
> since
> > these are typically not installed on a server.  So don't expect much
> > testing of these (though maybe you will get lucky).  The apache and
> > wu-ftpd packages should draw some interest!
> I second that. We run RH 8.0 on servers, so certainly no OO.org, xchat,
> etc. is installed.

Marc et. all,
	You guys are doing great job. Us who are left in the lurch from
Redhat's demise (in this "business" segment) and who don't really know
how to begin patching stuffs, really welcomes these updates.

I've most certainly will need the httpd updates. I've Update my servers
already with your new releases.

Thanks a million.


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