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Re: lslR in the download tree

Jesse Keating wrote:
> I just put this up today, wanted to get opinions of the list before I made
> it a link and incorporated it into my upload scripts.

The tree looks nice!! *But*: I personally think a "find . -print" would be
more useful. The problem is that the tree only has the file name in every
line, not the whole path. So if you grep through the file, say, you wanna find
where the nss_ldap package is ("grep nss_ldap tree"), you only get the answer
"yes, that file is there, and it's called nss_ldap-207-3.src.rpm etc., but you
still don't know where it is.

Even if you load the tree file into an editor and do a search, you have to
scroll up many pages before you find the complete path of the file (usually
skipping 1 or 2 paths if you scroll too fast, so that answer is wrong quite

If you go to the root directory and do a "find . -print" (or optionally a
"find . -ls" if you want all the file attributes as well, equivalent to the
ls-lR) and grep for nss_ldap, you get all the occurences including the com-
plete path for each of them...

It might take up a little bit more space, but that could easily be solved by
gzipping the file (=> faster download, too).

Just my $0.02


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