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Re: Need a working 7.3 yum repository

Quoting Christian Call <CCall madentech com>:

> OK... I have a Red Hat Linux 7.3 installation (2.4.18-3), and I need to get a
> set of updates for it.

Fedora Legacy is the way to go.

> The yum repository at fedoralegacy is broken, and when I try to update from
> there I get error messages about interdependencies that can't be resolved
> (involving mozilla stuff).

Maybe you have a non-standard install or something?  I use the 7.3 repo
from Fedora Legacy all the time with no problems.

If there are real problems, then you need to say what they are so they
can be fixed.  You can't just say it is broken, when others have no problems
with it, and expect it to be resolved.

> So far, I've been unable to locate another yum repository for Red Hat 7.3.

You will find no better than Fedora Legacy.
> Can anyone point me toward one?


> Alternatively, would it be possible to fix the fedoralegacy repository? 

It it is broken, yes.  But you seem to be the only person reporting problems
with it.

> (I'll join the Duke list and post there about that problem as well).
> Thanks,
> -- Chris
> --
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Eric Rostetter

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