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iptables changes


I recently purchased a box with an ABIT motherboard
and an Athlon 3200+ processor running Fedora2 on a
cable modem. I installed my own firewall from
netfilter.org using iptables. I am a bit of a newbie.
I have used RH update and YUM and recently took a look
at my tables and they have been changed cosiderably in
several places to include: 

RH-Firewall-1-INPUT Policy accept all anywhere
Chain FORWARD Policy accept
RH-Firewall-1-FORWARD accept all anywhere  anywhere
Chain RH-Firewall-1-INPUT accept all anywhere anywhere
ACCEPT all anywhere aywhere
ACCEPT icmp all anywhere anywhere
ACCEPT IPV6-crypt  anywhere anywhere
ACCEPT IPV6-AUTH anywhere anywhere
and more too numerous to write

Is this the result of using YUM and or Redhat up2date
or has someone been in my box?
I would sure appreciate any feedback about this that
someone on staff may be able to answer.


George Hare

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