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automatic nightly updates

Joe Harrington wrote:
The FLP does not recommend night yum updates via cron, which is what I
think you are recommending here.  Is this the recommendation of the
Fedora Project?

If you type 'chkconfig yum on', you get nightly updates in FC.  It's
designed to do it, and since FC1 there have been no updates that
required any special handling.  Even the kernel gets updated this way,
without problems.  I don't see that there is any expectation that the
notices will be read.  I believe that RHEL operates this way, too, as
do many/most distros nowadays (e.g., Debian Ubuntu, cAos).  I don't
know about official policy, but I also don't know anyone who would
risk operating any other way.  The net has become an increasingly
dangerous place to compute.

RHEL does not do automatic nightly updates by default.  If it did, you'd have a *lot* of screaming software development companies out there who rely on base patch levels on their build systems.  I don't recall any Linux distribution that I've tried recently having automatic updates enabled by default.  (Ubuntu, Fedora Core, RHEL)

Automatically updating packages without any kind of user initiation or review process is a bad idea, imo, *regardless* of how non-invasive anybody thinks those updates might be.

-- jeremy

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