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RE: Yum Problem

In Putty right click the window title bar and select "Copy All to
Clipboard" then in Notepad (or whatever editor you want to use) do a
"paste" (Ctrl-V). That will copy all that the was outputted to the Putty
session window.

Note, this might be a rather huge amount of info so you might want to
clear the scroll back. Right click on the Putty title bar and select
"Clear Scrollback". That will clear all termal out put up to the top of
the current window. Then you can 'cat' a file and do the first step as
above to remotely export the file info.

Paul Pettit
CTO and IS Manager
Consistent Computer Bargains Inc.

P.s. this is a handy tool for copy/pasting STDOUT info when using putty
too. :)

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Brian T. Brunner writes:

> I'm going to assume you didn't cut&paste the actual contents of the
file, as "fedoralecay.org" is at least a typo.

I am correcting these problems thru "Putty" as the servers are
based at a Data Center in the US. If you can tell me how to cut
and paste with this program then I can give what is required. I
am not much of a typist so the mistakes in spelling are my

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