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Re: Yum did it again

On Thursday 23 June 2005 09:48, seth vidal wrote:

No, I wrote this.

>> I agree, Yum is great, when it works.  But its favorite pastime is
>> upgrading something that destroys it.
You (Seth Vidal) wrote this.

>So here's my confusion - this is the first bug report about yum
> doing this on FC1 or FC2 that I've even heard of let alone seen in
> bugzilla.

It was asked about, several times, on the fedora list Seth, & you even 
replied a couple of times asking for clarification.  And when I did 
clarify that running 'yum update' had updated libxml2 stuff and that 
had then broken yum, no further replies were forthcoming.

As far as fileing bugzilla reports, I long ago got tired of that 
P.O.C. looping forever thru its database search and not letting me 
into the editor to actually file a blow by blow.  Let me know when 
bugzilla will let one enter a report, and then search its database to 
see if what I'm entering is a duplicate of 'this report', answer yes 
or no.  To attempt to navigate thru bugzilla's version of pidgeon 
english looking for dups before it will let you at the editor to file 
a report is very very frustrating.  Like you at times, I have far 
better things to do with the remaining time I'm allowed on this 
planet.  At 70, I've used up a good share of that time already and 
bugzilla is a frustration I can do without very easily...

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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