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Re: FC1 legacy for x86_64

Yes you were very helpful.  Thank you very much for the response.



	From jkeating j2solutions net  Wed Mar  2 17:17:54 2005
	Subject: Re: FC1 legacy for x86_64
	From: Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net>
	To: fedora-legacy-list redhat com
	Cc: goisman physics arizona edu
	Organization: j2Solutions

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	On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 17:06 -0700, Philip Goisman wrote:
	> Hi,
	>         Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see legacy supporting
	> FC1 x86_64 systems.  If I'm wrong please direct me to where this
	> is documented.  I presently use http://fedoralegacy.org/docs/yum-
	> fc1.php
	> for my FC1 386/586/686 systems.
	>         My apologies in advance if it's the same procedure except
	> for building gpg and yum from source on x86_64 systems.

	At this time we don't support x86_64.  I'm working on getting another
	build box and a build system that will work for x86_64.  Theoretically,
	the Fedora Extras build software will come online rather soon, and I can
	re-deploy our current build box so that it could handle both 32bit and
	64bit package building.  Race condition, which will be done first?  (:

	Jesse Keating RHCE      (geek.j2solutions.net)
	Fedora Legacy Team      (www.fedoralegacy.org)
	GPG Public Key          (geek.j2solutions.net/jkeating.j2solutions.pub)
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