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Re: recent rh9 updates broke rpm?

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005, Damian Menscher wrote:

> Questions: Why did this affect only half of my machines?  How could the 
> RPM databases have been broken?  The update that seems to be killing 
> them is less-378-7.2.legacy, which has managed to get installed even on 
> two of the broken machines.
> Finally, I know the standard thing-to-do is rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db* and 
> install a more recent version of rpm.  But I've already got rpm-4.2-1 on 
> these machines, so those locking issues shouldn't be causing a problem. 
> Besides, the reboot would have done that rm -f as part of rc.sysinit.
> Anyone else have this problem with this week's updates?  It'd be nice to 
> know that it's not just me....  Other suggestions also welcome.

yep, i saw segfaults and hangs with less on a few of my legacy systems.  
rebuilddb cleaned it all up.

if there are known issues with the rh9 rpm, i think we should put a fixed 
one in legacy-utils.

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