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Re: Announcing End of Life times (Fedora Core 1, 2, Red Hat Linux 7.3, 9)

Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net> writes:

> As to our Red Hat Linux releases (7.3 and 9) the following has been decided:
> New issues (bugs) will be accepted until October 1st of this year.  No new 
> bugs will be accepted after that mark.  All existing bugs will be resolved to 
> the best of our ability by December 31st of this year.  What hasn't been 
> completed by then will not be completed by the Fedora Legacy project.  This 
> will be the end of Fedora Legacy's support of the Red Hat Linux line of 
> distributions.  We will continue focusing our efforts on the Fedora Core 
> line, and improving our integration with the Fedora project in
> whole. 

I fully understand the background to this decision, and I would like
to thank the fedora legacy team for providing support for these
distribution so long.

Now, if I still need to have some RHL7.3 machines running, are there
any commercial alternatives available to fedora legacy for security
updates? I haven't any, but perhaps my Google luck is not good enough?

Erik Forsberg                OpenSource-based Thin Client Technology
Systems Analyst/Developer    Phone: +46-13-21 46 00    
Cendio AB    	             Web: http://www.cendio.com

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