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Re: 2007 DST Changes

Craig Salitros wrote:
Apologies in advance if I'm asking a question that has been answered already.. I've gone though a few months worth of mailing list archives with no luck so far (at least, browsing by subject). As I understand it, RH7.3 and RH9.0 is at the end of it's run w/ Fedora legacy. I've still got a few lingering RH7.3 that have yet to be replaced. Have any patches / updates been released to address the 2007 DST time changes?
Yes. I believe these were addressed earlier this year. Daylight Savings Time and other timezone information for RHL 7.3 and RHL 9.0 are handled in the glibc library source code, and these were updated then.

Please see FLEA-2006:173091-1 (as excellently done by Marc Deslauriers) at:
for more information.

      Warm regards,
      David Eisenstein


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