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Re: Fedora Legacy shutting down

I'm wondering if anybody is working on a communications piece for the shutdown. A who-what-when-where-why-how sort of article? I'm assuming it would be on the Wiki/homepage if it were, but here's asking anyhow.

So, assuming it hasn't been, I can volunteer to put something together, to save the multitudes the effort of investigation. I spent some time looking over the last couple months of mailing list archives, the internetnews piece, and Jesse's blog, but I'm not convinced I have the whole story. Some outstanding questions would be:

  * was there any attempt to recruit new leadership?
  * ditto for sponsorship
* is there data on usage (I saw that 'interest was low' but I'm not sure if it means interest in volunteering or interest in terms of yum updates) * probably lots more I'm not thinking about now, and it's late so my reading comprehension is likely sub-par

So, everybody feel free to send me any interesting factoids that would be relevant for someone wading into this today for the first time, and perhaps facing a mini support crisis right about now. I'll assemble and post back here with something for feedback. I bet lots of folks will want some information come Tuesday.

And if somebody is already doing this, great, no intention to step on toes.


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