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Re: lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy

Matthew Miller wrote:

I know that personally I haven't been able to contribute the amount of time I'd like to make this succeed. But I have a full-time job and a young child, and am mildly active in umpteen other projects. Legacy support is hard work,
and really needs two or three full-time workers to be a success. It's
tempting to blame the lack of volunteers, but this sort of project works
best if there's a solid base.

The Fedora Infrastructure team recently sent out an announce mail to let people know they could use a couple of extra hands. Already a couple of people mailed that team and said they could help out. Maybe Fedora Legacy should send out such an email?

I think this is really unfortunate, because it makes a big gap in the Fedora ecosystem. This will be largely filled by migration to RHEL-rebuild distros like CentOS, which is well and good (and particularly painless from the
end-user point of few) but bad for Fedora.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you guys out here. I'm also migrating all our servers to CentOS. I use Fedora for my desktop system, but I just run the most recent release on that (no Fedora Legacy there).

Nils Breunese.

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