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Re: lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy

Quoting Jesse Keating <jkeating j2solutions net>:

Without a functioning lifespan of over a year, Fedora is only practically
useful as an enthusiast, bleeding-edge distro. That's only supposed to be
_part_ of its mission.

As noted, I disagree with the above statement.

Here is what I think can happen.

A) Kill off RHL now.  Stop trying to do stuff there when we just don't have
the man power or the volunteers.

But, then there is no trust in the project.  You said you would support
it until December, and people depend on that.  If you drop it now, then
where is the trust?  How can we be sure you will support FC5 for the length
of time you claim, rather than just dropping it?  Is 2 months really worth
losing trust over?

B) Move to using Extras infrastructure for building packages.  They're ready
for us for FC3 and FC4.

Then why haven't we started doing this yet?

C) Move to Core style updates process.  Spin a possible update, toss it
in -testing.  If nobody says boo after a period of time, release the darn
thing.  If somebody finds it to be broken, fix it and resubmit.

I think this is fine for FC releases.  No problem...  It is in line with
the FC philosophy.

Somewhere in there convince Luke Macken to do the work to get a Fedora Update
tool available for use externally that does the boring stuff like generate
the email with the checksums and with the subpackage list and all that boring
stuff.  It could even handle moving the bug to 'MODIFIED' when it goes in
updates-testing, and finally to CLOSED when it goes to release.  Then it
would be easier to get people to contribute, as they'd just be doing things
like checking out a package module, copying a patch from somewhere, commit,
build.  That would help a lot.  Somebody more "senior" in the project would
fiddle with the tool to prepare the update, and do the sign+push.

Is he the only one who can do this stuff?  Does he need help?

I honestly think that doing these things is the only way that Legacy will

I agree with all but dropping RHL 2 months early.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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