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Re: lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy

Quoting Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:

On Friday 20 October 2006 13:58, Eric Rostetter wrote:
First, my interest doesn't really fit there.  It is in testing what is
in updates-testing (which is nothing).  If there was something in
updates-testing to test, I would test it and report the results.

Its tough to get to updates-testing without the pre-work done. So thats where
we need the help right now.

Yes, true.  But, like I said, you can't expect one person to do everything...

If we had a way to know what work needed to be done, it might be easier
for people like me to help.  Long ago I suggested that there be a mailing
list for entries in bugzilla, and while it was received well by many on
this list, it was rejected by you.  If I got an e-mail saying we need
to test package X, and I decided I could test package X, I would do it.
But I don't have the time to go crawling through bugzilla looking to
see what needs to be tested, and I've not seen a mailing to this list
lately with a list of things that needed testing.  In other words, I
personally respond better to a "push" to me of what is needed than
having to expend effort to "pull" what is needed from various sources.

Secondly, I've offered to help many times with other infrastructure issues,
and been turned down over and over.

Where?  When?  You refused to use IRC, you've refused to even try to get a
wiki account.

Yes, I basically refuse to use IRC.  If that means I can't help with FL,
then so be it.  That's your problem.

My requests to help go back to the beginning, like setting up CVS for the
web site, a web-interface to the CVS, a mailing list for the CVS, etc.
You refused all that help, saying you already planned to do that kind of
stuff and would do it yourself, etc.  You did setup the CVS, but none of
the rest.  I've never managed to get access to change bugzilla entry
white boards, etc. though I've asked about it, etc.

As for a wiki access, I _did_ get it.  But, I'm really never been sure
how you plan to split the web site and wiki, if at all, and what you want
done, and personally I _hate_ the idea of putting everything in the wiki.
I specifically hate putting the advisories in the wiki, but you say you
want to.  Well, so be it, but I've not seen any work done to do it, and
I've not been asked to help in doing so.

I'll document that..."  And so on.  Eventually of course, my documentation
is no longer good because it is a web page and now it should all be wiki,
and I don't have access to the wiki.  By the time I finally get access to
the wiki, I've lost interest.

When did you try to get a wiki account? We always welcome more documentation.

I _did_ get access to the wiki (though I don't know if it still works or not).
In fact I say that above where you quote me.

Third, I had a big project that took about a year of my life, during which
I could not spend a lot of time of FL work.  That is over now, and I could
go back to working on FL again, but I really don't see where I'm needed

I've outlined what help we need.

No, you said we need lots of stuff.  I said, okay, I'm trying to do some
of that stuff.  You said, no, we need this other stuff since the stuff
I want to do can't be done until the other stuff is done...  Well, fine,
if I have to do that other stuff I'm willing, if it is made easy for me
to do.  Is anyone willing to make it easier for me to do?

Again, I don't know, you'd have to ask Luke and / or the Infrastructure team.

I'll reread the thread, and _if_ I understand what is desired, I'll approach
them about it.  If not, then I'll _try_ to get someone here to explain to
me what it is I'm supposed to ask them.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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