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Re: lwn article on the death of Fedora Legacy

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Matthew Miller wrote:
>> Legacy is all about security-updates!!!  ONLY!!! The policy is
>> update with PATCHES if at all possible.  From RH even better;
>> otherwise fall back to other sources for patches such as the
>> development groups, etc.  Only if EVERYTHING else fails, you can
>> update to the latest stable release to fix the flaw.
> Right now, everything is clearly failing.
No, I think what is failing is that Legacy has never had a policy
other that extras was not included in the security concerns.  There
are hundreds of packages to cope with and many people are stretched
very thin.  :'(
There is literally a hand full of people managing all the packages and
it is up to the users to keep track and raise issues with packages.
The managers of the packages then run around trying to come up with
the fixes.  Some of which are not plain and simple.  Then they need to
go through the QA process and etc.  This all leads to TIME.
Unfortunately, most people are hard at work with say FC6 to really
devote great attention to the current FL project.  So, we have been
left to fend for ourselves.  The last straw was probably the decision
to lighten the load and get rid of all the other legacy supported
(releases) and concentrate on one to two FL releases at most....
All of this and more has forced many to abandon supporting FL in favor
of other platforms with continued support.

In short, people willing and able to do all the work necessary has
dwindled to but a few.  Jesse and a few others, mostly working at RH
serving many roles on other projects.

Just my 2-cents.

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