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Re: Sorry for confusion -- Re: Some supporting ideas regarding fedora legacy project when FC6 is out today

Quoting Robinson Tiemuqinke <hahaha_30k yahoo com>:

 But in general, That doesn't look like a bad idea, a
strategy similar to linux kernel maintenance.

This would be up to RH/Fedora to decide, not Fedora Legacy.

 Every will gain from the strategy: Redhat RPM lovers
will stay happily with FC/FCLegacy with longer release
support time; Redhat Inc. will attract more users, I
mean, both pure enthusiastic and small business users.

Assuming Red Hat wanted to attract them, yes.  But what if RH doesn't
want businesses to use FC since they want to make their stock holders
happy by selling RHEL instead?

Currently FC just scares aways small business users to
Debian/Gentoo because the former have so short a
lifespan. Without real business users play in these FC
test-beds RHEL will die away shortly.

Seems that RHEL is doing just fine actually.

 FC Legacy support group have no reasons to object the
strategy as well? :) There are lesser releases to
support but better support for supported ones.

But we have nothing to do with it.  This decision is totally up to
RH/Fedora.  FL has nothing to do with it.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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